Industry Update – What’s Really Happening?

The Transatlantic team is monitoring the global situation carefully and currently pleased note:


  • General conditions indicate that space is fully booked until mid-May.
  • ONE/HPL/YML/HMM(EC6)/EMC(AUG) will launch a new direct service connecting Taiwan, South & Central China, and¬†Busan to US Gulf Ports (Houston, Mobile, New Orleans). Maiden voyage is set for May 9, 2021.
  • 2M(TP23)/ZIM(ZSE) will launch a new transpacific line connecting South East Asia and the US East Coast. It will connect Yantian and Vietnam in Asia with U.S. South Atlantic ports via Panama Canal, on weekly basis with “best-in-class” transit time. Maiden voyage is set for May 15, 2021.


  • Unstable schedule and serious equipment shortages forced carriers to implement more blank sailings in April. The window for securing equipment in April has been closed, and even for some carriers through mid-May, especially for USEC.
  • All shipping lines are in tight supply of 40HQ at this moment.


  • Capacity out of Asia and Europe is tight, most freighters are completely booked, some through May.
  • While rates have declined since early pandemic levels, they are rising again due to tight capacity. Some carriers are updating their rates daily.
  • Carriers are booking space 7-10 days in advance in some cases for US imports.
  • We are seeing delays at the airports when tendering the cargo for exports, and the airlines will not hold cargo until the flight schedule departure date.
  • Several airlines are moving shipments on more expensive Express Services only.

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